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Corporate Apparel

Corporate Apparel Orlando, Florida, Central Florida, & Nationwide

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Corporate apparel is any type of apparel or product that bears corporate identity, such as a companies’ name or logo.

Global Promo specializes in many forms of promotional products, promotional items, and promotional giveaways, and also specializes in corporate apparel. Global Promo specializes in producing products that have corporate identity, and have worked with a wide range of companies’ such as Disney, Universal Studios, Nike, Winehouse all the way to small businesses and startup companies. Watch the video to learn more about Global Promo and what we can do for you.

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Global Promo Staff Shirt’s & Corporate Apparel Orlando, Florida, Central Florida, & Nationwide


Whether you own a business with a few employee’s or a company with many employee’s, Global Promo specializes in designing and producing staff shirt’s for corporate identity. We can produce staff shirt’s on many different types of shirts, including 100% cotton, polo’s, and even sweater’s.

What’s best about Global Promo? We are a one stop shop, allowing our client’s to have matching shirts, hats, pen’s, and all other promotional products, rather than having to go to several different company’s. With all items produced in-house, we offer both high quality products, as well as cost effective.

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Benefits of Staff Shirt’s & Corporate Apparel 

Corporate Culture

Corporate apparel establishes a dress code automatically and establishes a sense of bond and sense of culture between both fellow employee’s and the company

Just like how teammates on the same sports team tend to bond, corporate apparel creates that same sense of unity, by having all employee’s dress in a similar fashion. Employee’s with corporate apparel also claim to feel a stronger sense of identity with the company, as well as identify more strongly with companies’ mission, beliefs, and goals. This results more in more dedication and better customer service. 

Branding & Public Image

The benefits of corporate apparel go well beyond company culture. Corporate apparel provides a tremendous amount of benefits toward a companies’ public image and branding. 

Corporate apparel is associated with very successful companies’. By having corporate apparel for your business, it automatically creates a sense of trust, professionalism, and reliability with customer’s. 

In addition, branded products are always considered higher value than a non-branded product. By creating branded products, such as promotional giveaways, customers intuitively view the branded product as high quality, and now associate your company with high quality. 

Corporate apparel isn’t just a pleasant add on to a company (or business), it is a necessity. If you are currently in need of staff shirt’s or other corporate apparel in Orlando, Florida, Central Florida, or surrounding cities of Florida, contact us today.

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Corporate Promotional Product’s & Corporate Trade Show Give Away’s

What better way to spread your brand’s awareness than trade show giving away’s or promotional give aways with low cost branded items . As mentioned in the previous section, people associate branded products with high quality. By branding products with your logo, your company is now associated with high quality.

Promotional products such as pens, mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, bags, and many more make excellent giveaway’s for current or potential customer’s. They are cost effective and overtime a customer uses a promotional giveaway, they’ll think of your business. What’s more is they’re friends, family, and other associates will as well.

Our state-of-the-art screen printing machinery will produce jaw-dropping images on all types of items ranging from t-shirts, hats, all other apparel, bags, and thousands of additional items. 

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Corporate Apparel, Staff Shirt’s & Corporate Promotional Giveaway’s Service Locations

Our promotional product facility, warehouse, and headquarters are located in Orlando, Florida. We create and distribute promotional products and promotional items such as corporate apparel, staff shirt’s, and corporate promotional giveaway throughout Central Florida, surrounding locations, as well as nationwide, including, but not limited too:

Central Florida – Orlando, Florida – Kissimmee, Florida – Winter Park Florida – Alafaya, Florida – Maitland, Florida – Sanford, Florida – Ocoee, Florida – Windermere, Florida – Tampa Bay, Florida – Jacksonville, Florida – South Florida – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Boca Raton, Florida – Miami, Florida – Las Vegas, Nevada – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – New York City, New York – Chicago, illinois – San Diego, California – Houston, Texas – 

Corporate Apparel, Staff Shirt’, & Corporate Promotional Give-Away Order Information 

Contact us today to about corporate apparel, staff shirt’s, corporate promotional give away’s, and any other promotional needs. We service throughout Orlando, Florida, Central Florida, other surrounding cities of Florida, and other US locations.

We have dedicated customer service reps ready to work with you on your order. Please be sure to be as detailed as possible. The more details we receive, the better we can work with you on your order.