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The Benefits of T-Shirts for Your Business

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Every now and then we have a client who is on the fence about purchasing custom t-shirts for their business. Specifically, t-shirts with the company name and/or logo on the shirt.

Whenever asked if we believe a business should have company t-shirts, we always answer the same:


Any business that wants to be taken seriously should consider company t-shirts.


Think of any major company or business.

Every single one has company shirts for the employee’s. It’s the thing to do.¬†

When your business has t-shirts, customer’s immediately get a sense of professionalism and it also creates a¬†greater sense of team between the employee’s.

Additionally, company shirts for your business can also be sold as merchandise and help promote your business the process.

Let’s say you own a bar or restaurant, and are interested in increasing customer loyalty. Custom t-shirts and merchandise is a great way to achieve this.

A great thing to do is sell company t-shirts and offer customers a discount whenever they make a purchase at your establishment while wearing the shirt, such as 10% off their entire order.

What’s great about t-shirts for your business are a few things:

  1. You gain a merchandise sale from the initial t-shirt purchase.
  2. It gives incentive for the customer to come back and potentially bring friends or family
  3. The t-shirt will be a walking billboard.
  4. The customer gets to save money.

Everyone wins.

Here at Global Promo, we’re known not only for offering exceptionally high quality promotional items at affordable prices, but also offering exceptionally high quality custom t-shirts and t-shirt printing in Orlando, Florida.

We offer state-of-the-art printing right from our facility in Orlando, Florida, and have produced nearly all types of custom t-shirts and t-shirts for business’, ranging from a 1 to 16 color print with every logo imaginable.

We also offer a wide variety of department store quality shirts, ranging from regular cotton t-shirts to polo shirts to sleeveless shirts all the way to long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and everything in between. We also offer brand clothing that can have your logo imprinted on the shirts.

Chances are, if you want it, we can do it!

When working with Global Promo, you’ll be working with a dedicated account executive, who will work with you on your order from concept to completion.

What this means is you’ll have someone working with you who is just as dedicated to your business and t-shirt order as you are.

An additional benefit of working with Global Promo is as we are a one stop shop for all types of custom apparel including t-shirt printing along with promotional items, it’s easy to place an additional order for promotional items along with your t-shirt order. Click here to learn about how to choose the right promotional item.

We also offer additional apparel items, such as hats, pants, shorts, and much more.

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